Saturday, July 30, 2011

Course Review: ITIL v3 Foundations

The company that I work for is in a transitions phase.  One of the big things that they are trying to do is implement more ITIL processes inside of IT.  With this, they have sent off the permanent IT staff to ITIL v3 foundations training.

ITIL is a buzz word in the industry and has been since v3 was released (2007?).  Those companies that practice in the art form known as "certification shopping" have long weeded out any resumes that do not contain the precious ITIL buzz word.

I quite enjoyed the course, although it was very high level and dry.  Our instructor was exceptional, however, which made for some interesting discussions in this 3 day course.  I view ITIL training (at least at the foundations level) more a training on language than any specifics in the IT industry.  The foundations course main focus is to establish a baseline of knowledge and terms that can then be used by people to communicate effectively.  If you don't know the ITIL definition for a function, for example, you would be pretty lost in a conversation about it.  Furthermore, you'd probably find it quite hard to get a good idea of your job role if it was described solely in ITIL terms.

In any event, it was a course worth taking.  I definitely learned something out of it, even if it was just the terms ITIL uses to describe the best practices in use today.

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