Saturday, November 2, 2013

Centos 6.3 and static routes

I recently added a centos box inline between my cable modem and my checkpoint safe@office.  One of the things that I want to be able to do is run ntop.  Unfortunately, my safe@office was setup to NAT my wireless and wired connections behind it.  According to ntop, all I had was one host.

Disabling natting on the safe@office is easy, except, but default wireless clients and wired clients connect up on different subnets.  I could probably disable DHCP on the safe@office and have everything run via the centos box...but that is a project for another day.  For right now, I need to configure some static routes so that my centos box will properly relay traffic.

Standard route commands work, and are a great way for getting a configuration up and running.

For example:

ip route add via dev eth1

In the above example, I am adding a route for the network and instructing all traffic to be sent to via eth1.  Pretty sweet.  The problem is that adding routes like this does not persist the configuration after reboot.

I tried to edit the appropriate files as found in this doc, but I found that the configuration did not persist.  I may have messed up somewhere, but I didn't get that method to work.

I decided to go dirty and add the commands directly to rc.local.

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