Friday, August 23, 2013

CCSK Study: Domain 8 - Data Center Operations

  • "Next Generation Data Center"
    • business intelligence 
    • understanding of all the applications running in a DC
  • Cloud Application Mission
    • The industry or application mission housed within the data center
    • HIPAA, PCI, etc
  • Data Center Dissemination
    • Cloud infrastructures that operate together but are in physically separate physical locations
  • different types of applications housed by data centers require automation (to varying degrees)
  • CSA Controls Matrix
    • number of physical requirements based upon different standards and regulatory requirements
  • Customers should request 3rd party audit of datacenter operations
    • ITIL and ITSM
  • New and Emerging Models
    • New CSP type services based off of SETI@home
    • cloud is increasingly being viewed as a commodity or as a utility
  • Recommendations
    • organizations building cloud data centers should incorporate management processes, practices, and software to understand and react o technology running inside the data center
    • customers should ensure CSPs have adopted service management processes and practices
    • understand the mission of what is running
      • consider the Cloud Control Matrix

I'm not entirely sure how to take this domain.  I think it is geared more to CSPs then customers.  Basically it is saying that you should run your datacenter with appropriate policies and procedures ideally following an ITSM framework such as ITIL.  Furthermore, you should use things like automation to ensure you deliver services to your customers in an agile way.  Customers may want to check to see what processes the CSP is following and should request an independent audit.

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